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Non-recursive postorder tree traversal for expression printing

Since November last year, Taddeüs Kroes, Krzysztof Apt and I are working on a mathematical term rewriting system (called "trs" for short). For who is unfamiliar

Fix Valgrind's must-be-redirected error in Gentoo

Last week, I tried to use Valgrind to identify potential memory related bugs, since segmentation faults occured randomly in a Python C library. However, Valgrind failed

GNU Gold linker tasks overview

GNU Gold linker is a relative new ELF linker and lacks standalone documentation about the internals and it's command line interface. Note that the source code

Implementing concurrent linking in GNU Gold linker

Introduction to concurrent linking Generally, linking is the last phase in the build process of C/C++ programs. Most build systems, for example GNU Make, invoke

Separate build and source directories in Makefiles

Reasons to separate the directories In most cases, it is not desired to have both the generated content (object files, libraries and executables) intermixed with the